Hi All,

Just joined this great forum and was wondering if anyone is using Yamaha's NS-100/300 series speakers or the NS-HX series speakers.

I have various Yamaha equipment and for HT I am using the DSP-AZ1 with two Yamaha YST-SW 800 in front and one YST-SW320 in the rear. My speakers are as follows:
NS-300 for main, NS-C300 for center, NS-90 for front effects, NS-100 for rear and NS-C100 for rear center. I am currently thinking of upgrading my front subs to Yamaha's awe inspiring SW1500 not that the 800 are any slouch but the 1500 have the best earth shaking performance. I have a seperate music only system dedicated to stereo only listening which comprises of Yamaha's legendary NS-1000x berrilyum speakers mated to a Yamaha MX-1000U amp and directly connected to a Accuphase DP-70 CD player.

For main amp I have Yamaha's 260wpc class A MX-1 which gives me good performance for both HT and music in stereo mode. My bass management is set to Main-LARGE, Center-SMALL, Rear-LARGE(reason I am using the rear sub), and bass out selected as BOTH. This way I get to use the subs as well as the MX-1 main amps awesome power for my NS-300 dual woofer floor standers.

Lot of people and reviewers comment on the Yamaha amp sound in their receivers. Point is that Yamaha designs all their stuff with a constant 'Q' from their Grand Piano. They are one of the only unique company which makes musical instruments as well as audio and PA equipment( One of the reasons their DSP sounds superior compared to others is due to the fact that they collect vast data from their installations in prestigious halls all across the world) This sounds very good with accurate flat speakers but sadly sound thin and harsh with improperly desingned speakers with exagerrated treble response and sadly, in today's HT specific speaker world, ther eseems to be a plethora of those poorly designed speakers. Speaker matching is a must with any Yamaha amps.

How many of you know that Yamaha also makes superb video equipment like their plasma and DPX-1 digital projector which blows away a lot of high end projectors. Their DVD players are consistently rated to have excellent video performance and this includes the cheapest DVD-S530 to the SACD/DVD S-2300.